Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Directed vs. Drifting: How Are You Spending Your Time?


I subscribed to Jon Morrow's posts on blogging about a year ago, but the value of his words extends beyond a career as a writer. In this post he tells a personal story of how he turned his lifestyle around and went from mediocre student to one of success. I find his arguments compelling.

It's easy to discuss the esoteric nature of "free will" and our ability to choose things. But here is a perfect example. We are all given resources to manage, to steward. Money is one of the easiest things to equate to stewardship, but I find more and more that time is my most valuable resource. I can't earn more time. I can only spend what I have wisely.

No one says you can't have fun and let off steam, but over time, it's easy to lose sight of those bigger dreams and goals we have. One Netflix series turns into several shows at a stretch (thank you Arrested Development...) I hope we can all commit to reducing our intake of less-than-helpful content and focus on the good things around us too.

What is adding value into your life?
If time is a resource to steward, what are you spending it on? Education? Building relationships with others? Creating a product or service?  Serving?

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